It’s Important to Let Go

Gavin McCormak sent me the following thoughts about the importance to let go when you are a classroom teacher. He cautioned that we should not try to control the outcome of each lesson and magic will happen.
Feel free to say ‘yes!’ Yes to everything. (Within reason)
McCormak had taught a lesson on biomes to a group of 1st grade children. After he had taught the lesson, he told the children that they could work with who they liked and more importantly they could represent their research in any way they chose.
The only rule was that they must prove that they understand thoroughly.
He said when we let go of the reigns, magic happens. Clay models of each animal, written research from books, collaboration, teamwork, time management, compromise, organization and enthusiasm.
And, at the end of the day the learning outcomes were met and the children had a great time.
Come on, let go of control and watch the magic happen!

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