Inner Peace

i just listened to Tony Robbins in any interview with Michael A. Singer talking about Singer’s book The Unfeathered Soul. The book is about finding inner peace. Singer speaks about how our mind can serve us beautifully but we also allow our mind to feel pain, fear, anger, jealousy, and whatever we have conditioned the mind to feel. We must learn to be aware of the mind, to become mindful of the moments that are toxic. We must learn to relax and breathe, become mindful of the negative messages we give ourselves. We must become aware of the negative thoughts, emotions and feelings and back off. This talk reminded me of Wayne Dyer’s podcasts, especially the one where he spoke of the irritations we feel when we are driving along and suddenly there is a slow driver in front of us who irritates us because we are in a hurry. We need to thank that slow driver because he/she is there to slow us down and

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