The Importance of Listening To Your Employees

Gifford Thomas, one of the leaders of today, at the helm of Leadership First, writes about the importance of listening to your employees. He says that he has heard leaders complain that their employees won’t speak up and they don’t understand why. He tells them to look in the mirror. When you are working with a leader who has little or no regard for any suggestions or recommendations that the employees make, they will eventually lose any inspiration or enthusiasm to say anything.
When your team believe nothing they contribute is taken into consideration, it is best to say nothing. That is the beginning of the end for that company. Leaders need to have open and honest communication. You cannot grow and sustain success if you don’t have an inspired team.
As a leader, your job is not to be the best in the room, but to have the best and the brightest around you who can help you grow and develop the organization into the best in the world.

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