How To Be A Leader

Simon Sinek has a most powerful video on how to be a leader. Sinek says that we all must take accountability for all of our actions, good and bad. If you want to be an elite warrior, you have to help the person to the right of you and to the left of you to be the best they can be.
The minute you say, “I don’t know how to do this,” you will find people who are ready to help you. But you have to help others first.
Another skill of being a great leader is to learn to be the last to speak when you are discussing an issue with a group of people. Not only does speaking last help you to hear what everyone else thinks, it also will make others feel heard. You must understand why they are speaking and where their thoughts come from. Learn to ask a lot of questions! People will want to tell you things and grow to trust you when you care about what they think.
Also, remember when you are a great leader, people will begin to give you things. Those things are not meant for you, they’re meant for the position you hold. You were always meant to drink from a styrofoam cup.
Remember that a follower is someone who is willing to go where you point. Inspire others to advance their vision. People should love where they work and feel safe. Working hard for something they love, for something they believe in. This is called passion. Everyone has a right to love where they work and what they do. It is their God-given right to feel passionate about their work.
Our leaders must insure their people have work that is meaningful so that they come to work and have passion for what they do.

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