Do Things For Others

Simon Sinek, on Youtube, gave a most valuable lesson on how important it is that we do things for others. Also, on how important leaders are in helping their people learn to be self-confident and team players.
The marines force people to work together. Organically people take risks by helping each other. A strong bond needs at least a week but less than seven years to become strong.
Sinek says that before anyone is willing to help others, you must have self-confidence. A leader’s job is there to help you find your self-confidence. A leader says that he/she needs you to do more with what you’ve got and what you are by teaching us to have confidence. Leaders help us to become confident by telling us we are way more talented than we think we are. Leaders put us in situations where we fail and then they help us get back up, time and again.
Just as leaders help us get back up time after time, we will start helping others by doing little things for each other, and the people we help will start doing things for us. If we start helping others, others who see us helping Will do this for others as well, like holding the door for others, picking up things, smiling, saying thanks, etc. Do things for others and others will do things for you.
Wayne Dyer said that when we do small things for others, we will increase the Seratonin in not only ourselves but also for those who receive the help and for those who observe such help.
Have a most helpful, happy day!

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