Empower Others

As an educator, I consciously try to empower students. It doesn’t matter how old they are, students love to feel they have the power to control their actions, decisions, and learning. However, If students are used to being told what to do, it takes a while for them to believe you want them to take charge of their learning.

The definition of empowerment is the art or action of empowering someone or something; the granting of power, right or authority to perform duties; it is allowing a person to enable themselves to take action.

Maxwell says insecure leaders love control, want attention, thus failing to empower others. Secure leaders add value to people and empower them to believe in themselves and their leader.

As educators, we must empower students to believe in their value and their own intrinsic power to be a learner. So often educators forget this most important aspect of learning. All learners have the ability to control their own journey of learning. Let’s empower the next generation of learners to be confident leaders of tomorrow!

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