Courage is Contagious

Brene Brown, one of my heroes, writes “To scale daring leadership and build courage in teams and organizations, we have to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts are the expectation, and armour is not necessary or rewarded.”
Brene Brown’s books have indeed brought me to have courage when I didn’t think I had it in me. It takes courage to stand tall and alone when you know something is not right. If we want to make a difference in our lifetime, to help others in need of courage when their immediate situations look bleak and challenging, we must have the courage to hold their hands and be the strength they might be lacking at the moment. I know from experience that when someone in my circle has held my hand in times of fear and/or pain, that the touch of the hand or the feeling of their hug and love has helped me be courageous and believe that it will all work out as it was meant to and that I was meant to learn from that moment of pain. Courage is indeed, contagious!

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