Conflict is Inevitable

What do you think of when you hear the word “Conflict?” I have asked that question in almost every workshop, presentation I have given. The answer generally is a negative. Most people fear conflict. Yet, I challenge you! The word conflict to me means “Opportunity!” As an educator, Counsellor, Mentor, Parent, Family Member, and Friend, I have had many an opportunity to have conflict. Because of my experience, education and workshop presenter, I have learned that conflict is inevitable and often healing. There are no two consecutive days that we will experience without conflict. People are conflicted. It has been my pleasure to help people find the peace they are seeking. I do so by asking a lot of questions about what they want and why they want it and how they can get what they want in a creative solution focused way of thinking. You will never get rid of conflict so just keep on helping them find peace and you will make a difference in their lives. I send you peace!

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