Compassionate Leadership

I believe we as adults are all leaders in some way. What kind of leader do you want to be remembered as? I personally believe in ‘Empowering Leadership.’ What that means to me is that when we guide, teach, critique, advise, we must always do so in a way that your protege feels empowered, that she learns something that makes her feel capable. I’m very drawn to other opinions of leadership and so when I read Oprah’s interview with Jeff Weiner in The Wisdom of Sundays, I was intrigued by his description of ‘Compassionate Leadership.’
Weiner said, “…I vowed that as long as I was going to be responsible for managing other people, I was going to aspire to manage compassionately, where I wasn’t necessarily trying to have them do things the way I did them. But I was putting myself in their shoes, understanding what motivated them, their hopes, their dreams, their fears, and trying to lead as effectively as possible.”
I believe that compassionate leadership is extremely important and I think that such leadership would definitely be very empowering. Thoughts?

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