Coaching Tips

This week I listened to Carolyn Saldo speak about effective coaching. Since part of my business is mentorship, I was intrigued by her free coaching tips. Saldo stresses that we must have a marketing plan, on-line advertising like a webinar where others learn about you, see how much you care, etc. Saldo quotes Tony Robbins, “If you want to achieve success, model those who have already succeeded.”
Saldo states that the first step is to identify the solution you are offering others. She asks, “What urgent problem can you solve for others? How would you solve it? What are the contents of your program, the curriculum? Is it structured, has accountability? Is your program based on your own personal experience? Does your program show clients that you have been successful?”
Denise Barone recommends, “In a world where we can be anything, just be you. No one else is like you and that is your power.”
I was most gratified and pleased to answer the above suggestions as “Yes, my business, Summit Consulting, is all about me, my past and present experiences and I am passionate as a mentor, educator and leader!”

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