Benefits of Imagination

A Minute With Maxwell message I value is the one on the benefits of imagination. Maxwell says that imagination has no fences, no boundaries, being the cousin to creativity. Imagination feeds off the view that there is a solution to every problem.our imagination can take us from the world we do live in to the world we could live in.

I have been teaching this kind of solution focused thinking for years. When we say all mistakes are opportunities for new learning, we stress the importance of creative thinking. I truly believe this. Our opportunities are endless. Every day is an opportunity for us to learn and grow.

However, without imagination such learning would be impossible. I believe that this is a crucial part of teaching, of leadership. Imagination is not only important for artists but equally important for all of us as learners, leaders and teachers.

Sir Ken Robinson said that we teach our students out of creativity. The trick is to remain creative and to teach the value of creativity. We were all born creative. Let’s harness our creativity and utilize this skill in all aspects of our lives.

So, I challenge you to remember the importance of thinking creatively in your daily journey. It’s not only helpful but also enjoyable and benefits us many times a day!

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