Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

I came upon the following positive affirmations that I am grateful for and recommending for you: – I am doing my best. – I choose to be happy and to love myself today. – My possibilities are endless. – I am worthy. – I am brave, bold and beautiful. – Today is going to be Read more about Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life[…]

9 Traits of Exceptional Leaders

I’ve probably posted these traits before but cannot stress enough about how important it is to have these traits as an exceptional leader. 1. Respect- all and always. 2. Authenticity- you cannot fake it as a leader. 3. Communication – listening before speaking. 4. Humility – it’s imperative to connect to the team. 5. Accountability Read more about 9 Traits of Exceptional Leaders[…]

Reading is Healthy

Terry Small posted a diagram of the benefits of reading which is important for us to share with our students. Here’s why: 1. Reading increases our knowledge and vocabulary. 2. Reading lowers stress levels. 3. Reading can lengthen your life by two years. 4. Books can boost your mood and leads to happiness and confidence. Read more about Reading is Healthy[…]

Be an Inspiration

This morning I read Gavin McCormack’s post on the importance of inspiring our students. We as educators have a responsibility to inspire our students. We are not vessels of information to pour into our students’ minds, rather inspirational agents who are meant to ignite their spark for learning and opportunities. Students who ask questions are Read more about Be an Inspiration[…]

Classroom Management

Vijay Shetty posted a diagram of the positive empowerment of classroom management and I dare say these traits are also great leadership qualities: – empowerment vs management – autonomy leads to engagement – accessible, authentic & organized class/work environment – relationships- be a warm demander – clear expectations lead to consistencies & communication – building Read more about Classroom Management[…]