Armor to Protect Our Fears

We all have “Fears” when it comes to change. However, fear is a normal reaction to taking risks, but we need to take risks in order to grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And, it takes courage to leave the armor off! In Dare to Lead, Brene Brown says, “It’s not fear that gets in the way of showing up – it’s armor. It’s the behaviours we use to self-protect. We can be afraid and brave at the same time. But the armor suffocates courage and cages our hearts. The goal is to create spaces where armor is neither necessary nor rewarded. Stay awkward, kind and brave.” What a challenge! It is my goal to be brave enough to be awkward and always kind, no matter how frustrating the situation may be. Possibly our courage to be awkward, kind and brave will be a role model for others to be awkward, kind, and brave.

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