A Growth Mindset

Sean McPheat states that having a growth mindset is very important for your personal development.
Dr. Carol Dweck coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset after she conducted a research piece about students’ attitude towards failure.
Her research led to a high correlation between having a growth mindset and high levels of achievement and motivation.
Here are 20 affirmations that are very useful in developing a growth mindset.
Pick a few and try them out. Make it a habit.

1. Mistakes help you learn.
2. This could take some time.
3. You will learn how to do this.
4. There is more than one path to get there.
5. Embrace the challenge!
6. You can overcome challenges.
7. Be inspired by the success of others!
8. Learning requires effort.
9. Mistakes are progress.
10. Stick with it.
11. Challenge yourself.
12. Believe in you!
13. Mistakes are proof you’re trying.
14. You can do tough things.
15. You got this!
16. Learn from your mistakes.
17. Never give up!
18. Give it your best … and then some.
19. Never stop trying.
20. You can succeed with determination and effort.

Source: Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck

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