5 Qualities of a Trustworthy Leader

Leadership First posted the following 5 qualities of a trustworthy leader:

1. They take a look at themselves first.
– Take a look at your own behaviour before judging others.

2. They increase their “Flex” ability.
– Flexible leaders do not avoid change, instead they make change work.

3. They tell it like it is.
Trustworthy leaders know how to communicate with those they lead. Keeping teams informed is critical.

4. They look for the best in people.
A trustworthy leader is a person who believes the best in people.

5. They are firm and fair.
– You know where you stand with a trustworthy leader.

I am fortunate to have such trustworthy leaders and I try to be such a leader as well. When I read these traits of a trustworthy leader, it reminded me of such leaders whom I am fortunate to have had. When working with such leaders, work does not seem like work. You feel part of team of leaders. I am grateful to have had such role models.

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