4 Valuable Laws of Growth

I loved an article posted by Strati Georgopoulos on LinkedIn which speaks of the 4 valuable laws of growth. They are:

1. Speak less.
I’ve always valued this law, especially as a guidance counsellor, since people come to get counselling to be heard. Listening more and speaking less is a skill which we actually need to teach our children.

2. Listen more.
You cannot learn or grow if you do not listen. I’ve generally been the kind of learner who has to listen first and then take time to mull it around in my mind to see where this new information fits with my experiences.

3. React less.
The less you react, the better you respond. One practice that has taught me greatly is to take a deep breath when situations are not pleasant or there is potential anxiety. Breathing and walking away in difficult situations has great value.

4. Observe More.
The more you observe, the clearer the situation. The clearer the situation, the better your reaction. The better your reaction, the better your results. It has been my goal to be observant, to notice things in my daily walk of life, not only as a counsellor, but as someone who lives in the moment. Mindfulness helps with this practice, as does daily meditation.

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