3 Mindsets to Help Young People Thrive Through Challenges

Sara Westbrook sent me a great article about how to help young people thrive through challenges. Westbrook writes about 3 mindsets that will help young people build resilience and confidence even through challenging times.

1. Look for opportunities.
Reminding our students/children to look for opportunities for growth when challenges occur they are better able to bounce back.
Ask them to answer the following questions:
– What challenging circumstances are you facing?
– What’s something you can learn from this circumstance?
– What choice could you put in action with your new found knowledge?

2. Mistakes happen.
We. Must teach our young people to celebrate mistakes as an opportunity for growth. Have them answer the following questions:
– Write about a time when you allowed fear of making a mistake stop you from saying or doing something.
– What do you wish you would have said or done?
– What did you learn from your experience?

3. Find a solution.
Giving our young people a chance to find solutions to challenges and mistakes that affect them will enhance their ability to solve problems. It will also give them confidence to face adversity with more calmness.

4. Have your students/children do the following exercise.
– Write about a time when you did something you thought you couldn’t do.
– What did you learn about yourself?
– List 3 new things you could try.

Personally, I think this approach is great for any age. Too many adults are afraid to admit mistakes and stop learning much too early in their life.

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