10 Signs You’re On The Right Path

I listened to a YouTube video on how we can tell that we are on the right path, which I thoroughly appreciated.

1. You lose track of time when you are working.
2. Your health is in order, you exercise and have a healthy diet.
3. You don’t need to compromise your morals.
4. You may get tired working toward your goal but not depleted.
5. Discomfort. You may feel discomfort when working because you are willing to take risks in order to keep growing.
6. Failure in some of your endeavours help you keep learning.
7. Letting go of the past. You are in the moment and working toward the future. The past merely indicates where you have been.
8. There are imperfect things, challenges and struggles are normal.
9. Synchronization. You are feeling in sync with what you are doing and experiencing.
10. Making decisions is manageable with ease.

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