10 Most Important Tips For Becoming a Great Leader

Leadership First posted the following 10 tips for becoming a great leader:
1. Lead by example.
2. Encourage others to grow.
3. Have a strong vision.
4. Increase your emotional intelligence.
5. Keep developing yourself.
6. Learn from your mistakes.
7. Find a mentor.
8. Understand your own motivation.
9. Engage in honest, open communication.
10. Keep a positive attitude.
The above qualities of a great leader are so important for “Mindful Leadership.” When we are mindful of each moment, and respect one another, we lead by example! When we empower those we connect with, we are role models for a more unified society that learns and grows together! Each day, as I prepare for another opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, I try to be such a great leader. I hope you are learning and growing daily as well!

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