10 Fear-busting Strategies to Consider

Anthony Livonia, father, husband and physical education teacher posted the following article on the 10 fear-busting strategies to consider:

1. Stay informed – Read, read, read valid information from credible sources.

2. Stay active – Walk, meditate, perform yoga, stretch, do yard work, clean your garage, basement, shed, and get outside to just breathe.

3. Share information with your family – Take time to talk about the pandemic and allow them to ask questions.

4. Stay social – Keep in contact with those who are alone. Make a call, use skype, send that text, show that love.

5. Teach a kid to fish – Teach them outside sports in nature, hike, whatever it takes for them to see that spring is here and that cycles are alive and well.

6. Play – Have fun with your spouse or partner. Walk, laugh, crack jokes and talk to each other.

7. Use music to relieve stress – Music is the doorway to the soul and makes everything better.

8. Use social media to foster interaction for kids.

9. Slow your roll – For example percolate your coffee! It makes you slow down.

10. Find your happy – Now is the time to do whatever makes you happy and healthy, without compromising the health, safety and welfare of others.

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