Coaching Tips

This week I listened to Carolyn Saldo speak about effective coaching. Since part of my business is mentorship, I was intrigued by her free coaching tips. Saldo stresses that we must have a marketing plan, on-line advertising like a webinar where others learn about you, see how much you care, etc. Saldo quotes Tony Robbins, Read more about Coaching Tips[…]

Compassionate Leadership

I believe we as adults are all leaders in some way. What kind of leader do you want to be remembered as? I personally believe in ‘Empowering Leadership.’ What that means to me is that when we guide, teach, critique, advise, we must always do so in a way that your protege feels empowered, that Read more about Compassionate Leadership[…]

The Key To Happiness

“A 75 year Harvard study has confirmed that the key to not only happiness, but health and longevity, is being surrounded with love. No other factor matters as much. Love is the answer. The only one.” Quote by Jean Williams From my NeuroGym Network. This totally reminds me of John Lennon’s hit song, Imagine. And Read more about The Key To Happiness[…]

Parenting And The EGO

Oprah Winfrey, in The Wisdom of Sundays, interviews Dr. Shefali Tsabary who talks about how much we as parents are totally in our EGO when we become parents. When our children make mistakes, we think its our fault. When they do well, we think its our brilliant parenting! Tsabary states the following: “The way the Read more about Parenting And The EGO[…]

Manifest Your True Self Through Grace

Today, in my reflections after meditation, I realized clearer than ever that the universe brings us grace through our soul. I have had much Grace, divine manifestation in my life and will continue to try to attract Grace to my mind, body and soul. Whenever I am fortunate to be able to teach, present a Read more about Manifest Your True Self Through Grace[…]

Why Visible Learning for Literacy?

Since my goal is to reach out and connect, mentor and lead others to be Mindful Leaders, I’m already a great fan of the book, Visible Learning for Literacy. The authors, Fisher, Frey and Hattie think visible learning for literacy is important for the following reasons: 1. Literacy is among the major antidotes for poverty. Read more about Why Visible Learning for Literacy?[…]

Fulfilling My Dreams Fulfills My Spirit

Today, during my 14th day of meditation, Oprah and Deepak wrote the following, “As our consciousness wakes up to its true nature, our mind and emotions begin to reveal their latest spiritual qualities as well: love, compassion, inspiration, wisdom and peace.” Their mantra today was, “I radiate spiritual and material abundance.” My ah-ha was that Read more about Fulfilling My Dreams Fulfills My Spirit[…]

We Are All Deserving of Happiness And Wealth

In today’s meditation with Oprah and Deepak, I was reminded of how most of us were trained when we were growing up. I grew up on a farm and I was frequently told I should work harder, be more helpful, be kind to others even if they are unkind to me, and if I lived Read more about We Are All Deserving of Happiness And Wealth[…]