You Get What You Need When You Need It

Yesterday my husband and I hosted one of our granddaughters, Kate’s 18th birthday party. We worked hard to help make this occasion as memorable as possible for Kate who is one of our 4 amazing, talented grandchildren. As you can imagine, preparing our home for 40 people hits all the emotions. There is excitement, anxiety, happiness, gratitude, stress, you name it, we felt it. I am happy to say that the party was a huge success even though we had very hot muggy whether, a huge lightening and thunder storm and then beautiful cool weather. All along, I had this feeling of contentment. My instincts told me that the party for all our guests would be a success. And it was. I think I’m becoming more successful daily at trusting in the powers of the universe to bring me exactly what I need when I need it. Thanks to my amazing network of like minded leaders of our society from around the world. My innercising with John Asaraf and his team have already helped me in more ways than I can recall. And my ability to meditate and be in the moment also help me feel confident that whatever I need will come to me. Thanks to all of you for believing in me.

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