Why Teachers Are Struggling

Gavin McCormack posted an interesting article about why teachers are struggling during this pandemic. I can personally relate to his article. McCormack states that teachers are not struggling because learning from home is hard. Doing hard things is their expertise.
Teachers are struggling because they miss seeing the smiles, laughter, the love, empathy, understanding and joy when students are learning new things. That joy has been taken away from teachers.
They struggle because their sense of purpose, their life and the reason they came to school each and every morning have been shaken up.
But if there’s one thing teachers practice every day, it’s the determination to keep going no matter what is thrown in their way.
And when the children do come back to school, they’ll be one person waiting at the doorway in the world to say, “ Welcome back, Good morning, Goodbye, I’ve missed you!” And that’ll be a teacher. You’ve got this. We’re almost there.

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