Why Schools Should Prioritize Relationships

Dr. Robin Kay posted this article on LinkedIn about the importance of relationships. He stated that “Strong relationships can prime a person to learn. And for those who have adverse childhood experiences, strong relationships can mitigate the negative effects of trauma.” According to Katrina Schwartz, the brain changes in response to relationships and experiences, continuing to develop through young adulthood. And while the children in any class will develop differently based on their experiences, the brain will grow and change with the right input.
Dr. Pamela Cantor says, “What’s most interesting is a child can become a productive and engaged learner from any starting point, as long as we Intentionally build those skills.”
But it isn’t always easy to show up in the vulnerable, open ways that lead to authentic connections with kids. Teacher Lindsey Minder says, “It starts from so much honesty and transparency with kids. It’s really easy to strive to be this like idealized, always ready to connect.

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