Why Do I Teach?

Each teacher should ask themselves the following questions daily to ensure they are teaching for the right reasons.

1. Am I excited about going to school today?
I look forward to the endless possibility of learning every day.
2. Do I still believe that I can learn new stuff about my content?
Absolutely, I tell my students how much they teach me and sometimes I make mistakes, especially when I take risks and show them that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are for learning.
3. Are my student’s needs at the front of everything I do?
Definitely, I’m teaching to help them learn and I find out what works for them through one on one conversations and conferences, student reflections, self-assessment surveys and observations throughout class time.
4. How do I implement student voice and choice in my decision making for learning?
We must empower students by asking them to share their ideas and their feedback.
5. What risks can I take today that model the growth mindset?
Each risk I take runs the risk of failure but that’s okay. That’s how I model that risks and failures are okay.

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