What Three ThingsMake you a better leader?

Can we disagree and still be kind? And, as leaders wouldn’t it be more effective? Kindness may sound like a weakness in our survival of the fittest world. Many studies have focussed on the relationship between kindness and happiness. 21 studies proved that being kind to others makes us happier and more successful as leaders.
The following three ways show that happiness and kindness our inter-related:
1. Appreciation inspires greater results it helps us celebrate each other at work. You care. Recognition is the number one answer to people’s success at work, even bigger than pay increases, promotion, training, and autonomy.
2. Connection leads to better ideas. Researchers found that 72% of award-winning projects involves folks taking, a risk at asking questions of others who may not be of their inner circle and appreciate the opinions of those who may disagree or dislike them and their ideas. That’s kindness.
3.Correction can improve relationships. Leaders who inspired and expressed kindness and a sincere desire to help and employee become their best, build stronger relationships and communicate with their people. The number one thing holding back second rate executives is there in ability to create trusting relationships!

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