What is our EGO?

Oprah writes about her awakening of understanding EGO when she interviewed Elkhart Tolle about his book  . I love the quote Oprah cites in her book, The Wisdom of Sundays. Tolle wrote, “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge.” Oprah says it’s about “finding the divine within you, and bringing that forth to whatever you do.”

Another of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer writes that we are born with the divine in us but we take over after we are born and discard that divinity that is within us, saying we will take over now. That’s the mistake we make which then brings out our E-G-O. Dyer says, “…which is where we edge God out.” Dyer further says, “The ego says, I am what I have. I am what I do. I am what other people think of me. I’m separate from everybody else. I’m separate from what’s missing in my life, and I’m separate from God.”

This is what we are taught by society. This makes me very sad and also very curious about our purpose in life. How do we make our society more loving, more able to love our neighbor? Can I make a difference so that society becomes more peaceful? I am bound and determined to try to make a difference in “Education.” These posts are about reaching out to other educators, parents and leaders and saying, “Let’s network for the purpose of teaching the next generation about love and spreading peace in our world.” Are you willing to join me and my colleagues?

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