What Does It Mean To Be A Canadian?

As we begin our Canada Day Weekend, I am wistful and grateful for being a Canadian. We have a lot to be grateful for. Some of my thoughts are as follows:
1. We have a relatively peaceful country, although there is a lot more we can do to be even more peaceful.
2. Canada is an amazingly beautiful country with a wide range of terrains from the east to the west coast, such as the many lakes such as the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, the Prairies, the Rocky Mountains, sandwiched by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the maritime, etc.
3. We are a bilingual, multi-cultural country, a mosaic of many different cultures and languages.
4. We have a vast array of educational institutions and opportunities to learn whatever trade, vocation or career we have a passion for.
5. Our theatres, art galleries, music and creative arts are boundless.
I could go on and on, but these are but a few of the reasons that I’m grateful to be a Canadian and we will be celebrating our country with family and friends throughout this Canada Day weekend and throughout the summer.

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