We Reprogram Daily

What does it mean to “Reprogram”? I believe it means to realize that a program you have implemented, doesn’t work. I do that every day of my life. I plan for something to happen and then I realize it’s got to change. I’ve done it as an educator, planning a lesson, and realizing mid way through, oops its got to change; the students are not getting the lesson. I’ve done it as a parent and grandparent. Our children especially have a way to remind us of our failings and help us learn a better way to do something, not to mention our grandchildren who get a real thrill in reminding me that something I said or planned just will not work.
This past week, I asked my niece how she plans for her art lessons and she told me that she has almost given up planning a lesson because every time she does, it changes along the way. I believe that is being a creative thinker, educator and it means she listened to that small voice and the voices of the students that something has to change.
Life is a series of adjustments. It’s okay to back up, do a U-Turn, and enter into the arena of action one more time. I hope you cherish each adjustment you make today, realizing that means you are a creative solution-focused learner.

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