We Need People More Than Things

This weekend I realized more than ever how much I need people in my life to feel whole. I called my friends to join me for a walk in nature and I was lucky enough to get one walk in. What a boost to my spirit!

This morning I found this quote on LinkedIn that truly aligned with me, “I think when the dust settles, we will realize how very little we need, how very much we actually have, and the true value of human connection.”

I believe that the reason why we’re having a problem with social distancing, zoom and lack of physical connection is that the human race craves to connect physically no matter what the possible outcome.

Google states that “Human connection is the exchange of positive energy between people. The potential of being understood and united through human connection is one of the most rewarding elements of life. It has the power to deepen the moment and the bond between people, inspire change and build trust.”

Hopefully our scientists will discover the cure or antidote for COVID-19 soon! 13 months of social isolation is challenging for our society.

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