We Must Desire to Grow

I believe a great leader must have “Desire to Learn, to Grow” daily! I know that whenever I provide any training to any group of students, I learn not only from my research and planning but also from my students. I aim to learn something new daily. I do so by reading passages from my books on my bookshelves, following folks on LinkedIn and Twitter, following John C. Maxwell daily on ‘A Minute With Maxwell,’ and many other sources which just happen to catch my attention. Today, as I checked out LinkedIn, I began following a gentleman whose profile states that he is an “Ethnographer” and when I checked that word in the Oxford dictionary, it was not in it. So, I’m hoping to learn what that means by asking the person. I have a personal motto to be a lifelong learner, and so far, I can honestly say, that I have been learning every day since that became my goal. What do you desire to learn today?

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