We Must Be Strong Today

John Maxwell always inspires me with his Minute With Maxwell and today was just the same. He spoke of how Bob Marley said that you never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have. Bob Marley says the easier way doesn’t make us stronger. So, if you’re running out of options today, don’t be scared.
We are all in this pandemic together and we know this too shall pass. In Germany, they are publishing that they are opening their schools at the end of May. China got through this, as are many other European countries.
We are fortunate to live in Canada where we are being supported by our Federal and Provincial governments, both financially and emotionally.
We all need to remember that all diseases and viruses eventually get cured and that we have many courageous researchers and essential services people who are risking their health to help those who are affected by this corona virus. We owe them all a lot of gratitude and we must continue to support their efforts by following the social distancing protocols.

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