Walking Is My Thing

Gretchen Rubin posted the following interview on LinkedIn. The interview is between Stephanie Krikorian and Gretchen Rubin. The interview is about a simple activity or habit that consistently makes you healthier, more productive, or more creative?
Stephanie’s reply resonated with me. She says there’s one activity that accomplishes all of those things for me, helping me be happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative – and that’s walking.
Like Stephanie, walking is my go to for becoming all those things and more.
Stephanie says that while she was out for a walk one day, after a gruelling day, she had an epiphany. When she walks she works out her writing problems, clears her head, and she feels health wise she is much better.
I too have been asked that question, what I do to de-stress and meditate and find myself midst stress and fatigue. Walking not only clears my mind of all the stuff of the day, but it also brings me the beauty of nature, and helps me source out the peace in myself. And, it’s healthy for my whole person, my body, heart, mind and soul. I highly recommend walking as a therapeutic method of being healthy all around!

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