Visioning the Possibilities

Dr. Michael B. Beckwith, in an interview with Oprah, shared the art of possibilities. He said, “Pain pushes you until vision pulls you.” This week I had some physical pain which caused insomnia. While sitting up one night, I felt my confidence waver and I did some meditation and gradually realized it was the pain testing me. I felt so inspired that this week I have been preparing myself by learning all about story telling convincingly. I may not have done so without the pain. If we have pain, we need to look for the message.
Beckwith said we must walk into the direction of possibility…” Ask, Talk, Write, “What if..?” Questions. We are vibrational beings, radiating our purpose from within up. Set your intentions. Visioning is realizing my life force beyond society, fantasy; opening up to what is unique to you – becoming in tune with your purpose. You surrender by allowing yourself to be the channel. I intend to continue to stay open to possibilities by being mindful of each moment.

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