Unconditional Love

This morning I am feeling a great deal of passion and unconditional love for the people in my life. I was reminded of the fact that we have no guarantee as to the length of our life because this morning I received a call about my sister-in-law having to have been taken to the hospital. I love her unconditionally! She is like a Mother Teresa! She has gone through too many illnesses, and yet she always finds a way to show her love for those around her.
And, this also reminds me of how important it is to give unconditional love to those we encounter, family or friends or students. Everyone is doing the very best they can do, based on their past experiences and present circumstances.
Life is very short and we have one kick at the can! Let’s make it a great kick! It doesn’t cost anything to share unconditional love! Let’s do it! Let’s be mindful of our purpose in life and be conscious each moment we have to share our unconditional love.

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