Top 10 Rules for Success

Simon Sinek advises us to follow the following 10 rules when wanting success in life.
1. Pursue your vision.
However, you must have a very clear vision, well thought out, in order to consciously pursue it.
2. Measure Momentum.
Am I successful and fulfilled? Does my career have momentum? Is it requiring less effort to keep the momentum going?
3. Be a Giver.
When you give, you have a feeling of good will. What are you doing to help the person next to you?
4. Learn From Creative People.
Surround yourself with creative people like painters, dancers, actors and so forth. Their creativity will be contagious.
5. Know Your Destination.
We’re flexible about our route, obstacles are not important. The effort should be based on a crazy ideal.
6. Be Open to The Unknown.
There’s always room for improvement. Believe you can be better. If you are open to the unknown, you will be more successful.
7. Have Balance.
Dopamine is that feeling of accomplishment. You must write down your goals because we have to have a vision, a tangible goal. E.G. Martin Luther King’s goal was, “I have a dream that one day little black and white children will play together.” Dopamine is dangerous when it is unbalanced.
8. Turn Followers Into Leaders.
Leaders have to teach competence to their people to feel good about themselves, that they have value. Be more like a parent than a manager.
9. Set Unrealistic Goals.
Shoot for 80 and be ecstatic when you hit 70. E.G. Create World Peace.
10. Take Action.
It’s your business, you have to take responsibility to use the tools given to you. Nobody can guarantee success unless you take action.

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