To Be Mentally Strong Avoid These 12 Things

Steve Wohlenhaus posted an article on LinkedIn about what mentally strong people avoid. He said, “We all get tested. Challenging friendships, terrible jobs, failing health and difficult relationships. Mentally strong people finesse through these obstacles with grit and determination.”
Mentally tough people don’t see barriers, they see possibilities.
Ironically, mental toughness is something you can cultivate.
Wohlenhaus states that to improve your emotional intelligence, avoid these 12 things:
1. Being comfortable. We must cultivate self=awareness to enhance our emotional intelligence. That requires being honest with yourself and concentrating on areas of self-improvement, which can be highly uncomfortable.
2. Being afraid. Fear can be debilitating, and it’s the reason most people stay secure in miserable situations. People with high emotional intelligence overcome their fear and press forward.
3. Being pessimistic. Emotionally intelligent people never give up. They focus on results and don’t get seduced by the material diversions most people can’t resist. When someone says they can’t, people with high emotional intelligence hear I CAN.
4. Being arrogant. People that act arrogant are miserable and insecure. People with high emotional intelligence value relationships and treat everyone with respect, despite their mood.
5. Being animus. The ramifications of holding onto bitterness triggers our stress response. Emotionally intelligent people realize the importance of letting go of negative emotions.
6. Being around negative people. Negative people can drain your enthusiasm and rupture optimism. Emotionally intelligent people avoid negative people.
7. Being a victim. When you focus on your problems and maintain the belief they result from “outside circumstances,“ you surrender all control. Emotionally intelligent people don’t forfeit their ability to improve their situation by allowing somebody or something else to control their emotions.
8. Being entitled. Emotionally deficient people meander through life believing the world owes them a favour. They prefer somebody hand deliver success. Emotionally intelligent people accept full responsibility for success, and their failures.
9. Being close minded. Successful people maintain an open mind. For emotionally deficient people, admitting another idea is “better” is synonymous with failure. Admitting their wrong is the equivalent of self-condemnation.
10. Being affected by caustic people. Emotionally intelligent people don’t make social comparisons. They don’t let other people impact their positive disposition. Their self-worth originates within.
11. Being consumed with jealousy and envy. Emotionally intelligent people aren’t preoccupied with other people’s success or failure. They stay focused on self-improvement and extricate negative emotions inconsistent with personal improvement.
12. Being immersed in the past. Failure typically results from making bold decisions but falling short of your expectations. Emotionally intelligent people recognize the need to persevere and overcome challenges. They don’t ruminate in the past and let past failure dictate future success.

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