The Power of Persuasion

I was motivated by John Maxwell’s minute message about the power of persuasion. Maxwell says that leaders motivate, persuade people to move or change for their own advantage.

A great leader will notice when people need to move in a different direction. However, not all people want to go in a different direction. They are comfortable with their direction. Change is scary. A great leader finds ways to improve your success by persuading you to adjust your direction, goals or focus.

We all know how we can learn from other’s mistakes and challenges. A great story of what helped you is better than a lecture, plea for change or reprimand.

One of my great leaders trained me to not only teach people about new ideas, concepts or goals, but to give examples of your own motivation. Maxwell says that the best areas of persuasion he does is in the areas he’s been motivated, his own experiences of success. Think about what you’ve been persuaded to do and it worked for you.

Stories are excellent methods of persuasion. We tell children stories to help them learn from characters and they generally learn. Adults are very much the same. We all love success stories. Think of your favourite children’s stories, (The Turtle and the Hare, The Little Engine That Could, etc.) Happy Persuasion!

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