The Power of 1

Kelly Merbler, President of the Florida Staffing Association posted the following about the Power of 1 on LinkedIn:
“As a speaker it is always exciting to speak to a large crowd.
The one thing I always focus on with every keynote I give however is to not get caught up in how many people are in the room.
I focus on the 1.
The 1 person I can inspire.
The 1 person who needs to hear my message.
The 1 life I can help through a barrier.
The 1 person who feels the way I felt.
Each life I can add value to matters.
1 person did that for me and changed my entire career plan. And the 1 I can affect adds up in a lifetime of doing what I was born to do.”
I absolutely love this way of thinking. We all have a “Why” and it is so very important to discover that “why” in order for us to feel like we are making a difference to someone in our lifetime.

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