The Perfect Lesson Structure

Gavin McCormack posted a fascinating article about the perfect lesson structure which I love. He says the following:

1. Introduction 2% – This is where you explain to the class what you are actually going to teach them today. The learning objective.
2. Explanation 2% – Teacher explains why this lesson is important. How will it help the students in the future?
3. Essential Skills 2% – Although you’re teaching fractions, inform the children that you are also observing skills such as communication, collaboration, empathy, listening skills etc.
4. Explicit Teaching 15% – Model the strategy you’d like them to learn and inform them of the facts that will help them. Inspire them to want to know more.
5. Questioning 5% – Ask the children what they would like to know about the subject and write these questions down together.
6. Independent Research/Investigation 30% – Allow the children to investigate the questions they generated previously using a variety of research options.
7. Representations 30% – Allow the children to represe3nt their research in any form they like, whilst working with whom they wish in groups of any size.
8. Leadership 10% – Ask the children to use their work to teach others in the class.
9. Feedback 4% – Teacher informs the children of the observations made during the lesson.

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