The Best Ways To Show Care to People on Your Team

Lolly Daskal posted the following suggestions on LinkedIn for how to show care to people on your team:

1. Be accepting.
Try to listen without judging. Open your mind and make hearing their point of view your only goal and let them know they were heard by repeating and summarizing what was said without advice or solutions.

2. Be interested.
Make a point of talking with people on your team about their lives, hobbies and interests and passions.

3. Be a good listener.
Always take the time to listen to your people without interruption.

4. Keep people informed.
Share the information that helps your people do their job well, to understand what’s happening in the organization and industry, and to maintain a broad perspective on the work they’re doing and it’s purpose.

5. Express concern.
When someone shares a problem, express concern, offer assistance if appropriate.

6. Show appreciation.
Whether it takes the form of a celebration, a public shout-out, a personal note, or a quick “way to go” in the hallway, let people know you value their contribution.

7. Provide opportunities.
Let them know you have their backs. Set up lunch-and-learn sessions, provide professional development opportunities, and pair people up for cross training in a new area they like to learn more about.

8. Exhibit trust.
Showing trust means you respect them and have faith in their judgement without micromanaging.

9. Lead from within.
Make sure you are the best leader you can be and that those who report to you have everything they need to be successful.

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