The Best Advice for a Leader Who’s a Fixer

Lolly Daskal posted a great article on LinkedIn about what leaders who are fixers should do when they want to step in and fix things. As a coach and guidance Counsellor, I truly appreciate Daskal’s advice.

1. When you want to jump in and correct someone, pause.
Take a moment and give yourself a chance to regroup so you can make better decisions and act wisely. Be the leader who is able to ask questions that lead others to the next step instead of finding it for them. Empower them.
2. When you want to tell someone what to do, stop yourself.
Great leaders demonstrate, navigate, stand beside their people and work with them as partners. Giving people a chance to have input and give you feedback is a sign of a great leader.
3. When you delegate work and it isn’t well done, don’t criticize.
Instead of criticizing, guide them through the work with questions, and ask them if they think they can find a better approach. Give them an opportunity to think, assess and rework.
4. When you want to go faster, slow down.
If you are 10 steps ahead of everyone, no one will be following you as a leader – so slow down to keep up with the people you want to bring along. Walk in step with those who are following you.
5. When you think you know how to do it better, check yourself.
Allow people to speak up and give their input. It’s your job as a leader to make space for others to tell what they think and share their ideas. Leadership is not a one person job – it takes a group of people coming together to make things work.

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