Teach Students Empathy

Gavin McCormack posted a very important message on LinkedIn today about the importance of us teaching empathy, caring, compassion and kindness to our students.
If each of us educators taught these skills daily, I believe the world would become a more caring, compassionate world. We all know that these skills are important for each of us. And, those of us who have these skills know how much more fulfilled we are when we practice these skills with our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.
Kindness and compassion and empathy generally cause people to return such gestures back to the person practicing them. It is like a compliment, generally when you give a compliment, it is returned in kindness and caring. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving.
So, this coming week, I will teach empathy, kindness, compassion and caring to whomever I can. Let’s see if teaching these skills changes a little for each student we encounter.

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