Take Time to Dream

Gavin McCormack posted an interesting article on LinkedIn about the importance of giving children time to dream. I can certainly concur with his way of thinking. When I was in school, all my teachers would complain about my daydreaming. Try as I could, I was never able to stop dreaming in class as a child, even as a teenager.

I am really glad that I had such a problem. It has helped me understand this concept and become a better teacher for it. Some of our best ideas come to us when we have time to think. Creative thinking is an important skill for us all to develop.

Just because our children don’t have a pencil in their hands, doesn’t mean that beg things are not happening. I still love to think, ponder and create ideas in my head. That is partly why I love to paint and create pictures.
Your children will totally appreciate you giving them time to dream and ponder creative thoughts.

Make sure that time is the currency of your classroom!

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