Surprising Things Successful Leaders Do Differently

1. Great Leaders close their open door policy.
– one-on-one closed door weekly meetings.
2. Great Leaders don’t bring their Smartphones into meetings.
– the pen is mightier than the keyboard; take notes to avoid distraction, to remain mindful and present, to maximize recall, to show respect.
3. Great Leaders have NO rules.
– have standards rooted in company values, and deviations life behaviors become coachable moments.
4. Great Leaders are likeable but not Liked.
– a great leader coaches and advances careers.
5. Great Leaders LEAD with LOVE.
– compassion is the warmth, caring and connection we feel for humankind – helps employees achieve high engagement and business outcomes; “I will not like you all the same but I will LOVE you all the same.” John Wooden.
6. Great Leaders Crowd their Calendars.
– throw out your “To-Do” lists and schedule everything, even your “Nothing Time” And “Think Time.”
7. Great Leaders Play Favorites.
– Individualize your leadership to Understand each team member’s talent, experience, attitudes, strengths and goals.
8. Great Leaders Reveal Everything.
– Sharing is Power; Radical Transparency!
9. Great Leaders Show Weakness.
– Authenticity And Vulnerability earn trust. (“Trust is the one thing that changes everything.” Stephen Covey) Drop your mask and be your unique self.
10. Great Leaders Know: Leadership is not a CHOICE.
– great Leaders know that they “Influence” at work, at the dinner table, at the sidelines fo a soccer filed, in a positive or negative direction. Lead with Intent.

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