Success Takes Grit

This morning I listened to John Maxwell’s minute with Maxwell and he reminded me of the importance of grit. We are all given talents and gifts to work with. However, there will be challenges along anyone’s journey. We face those challenges now with the pandemic around the world. Many people have lost jobs, businesses, loved ones, property, you name it. We have universal challenges that have truly stopped us in our lives.

I believe the universe is trying to teach us some important lessons, not only about taking things for granted but also, taking care of Mother Earth, the frailty of life, the value of family and true grit! Talents and gifts are not helping society much right now.

We must learn peace within ourselves and with Mother Earth and others. Maxwell says that we will need grit to get us through our challenges. And, tight now, let’s support each other and our neighbours, friends and family while we struggle to overcome our challenges with this pandemic.

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