Success is Normally Found in a Pile of Mistakes

I have always taught that mistakes are for learning and I love the article about mistakes by Leadership First:
Success is messy. You’ll bump into things, make mistakes that’ll have you cringing with embarrassment at times, according to Tim Fargo. You’ll waste time on ideas that look dumb at the time, get distracted, and waste more time. However, that’s part of the journey.
With persistence, you’ll get better, and you’ll look like a pile of mistakes and see some flicks of gold, or diamonds. You’ll start to master your craft, and in time, you’ll have a great understanding of what you’re doing, and progress will come easier.
At the point, the magic starts to happen, and your pile of mistakes will convert to massive success.
Don’t lose hope, stay persistent, and consistent because success never comes polished like a diamond.

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