Social Contracts are Like Family Mission Statements

Short and Memorable: Do your remember your work mission statement? It must be created by each member of the family, meaningful and easy to remember. During the process of sharing our values, all answers must be accepted and jotted down by someone whether you agree or not. Once all family members feel all their values have been addressed, you combine similar values such as nice, kind, friendly, or polite into one word that covers them all such as “respect”. You do the same for all the other words until you have no more than five beliefs, generally less.

Looks Like/Sounds Like/Feels Like: Discuss what each of your beliefs looks like, sounds like and feels like on a Y-chart. What is really fun is to create a statement of the beliefs agreed upon into a jingle, a song or poem which everyone in the family will remember. Have fun with this and try it!!! Then catch each other “doing it right”!


“The Hargraves work, laugh, learn and play together.” Or “Gossens don’t give up, we give help.”


Source: Diane Gossen, Author of My Child is a Pleasure

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