School vs Learning by George Couros

I am most intrigued by George Couros’ chart of the differences between school vs learning which is found in Jennifer Katz’s book, Ensouling Our Schools. This could challenge us to an amazing discussion with educators and parents. Note the following:
– promotes starting by looking for answers
– is about consuming
– is about finding information on something prescribed to you
– teaches compliance
– is scheduled at certain times
– often isolates
– is standardized
– teaches us to obtain information from certain people
– is about giving you information
– is segmented
– promotes surface level thinking
– promotes starting with questions
– is about creating
– is about exploring your passions and interests
– is about challenging perceived norms
– can happen any time, all the time
– is often social
– is personal
– promotes that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner
– is about making your own connections
– is random and non-linear
– is about deep relaxation

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