Resourceful Leaders

As most of you know, I am a strong proponent for asking questions. Questions empower others to learn and grow. Mike Keading, on LinkedIn, posted the following about resourcefulness. Resourceful leaders ask questions like the following:
Is there another way to get the desired results?
Are the desired results the best results?
Who else has information to help?
What is another route to try?
What would someone else do in the same situation?
These questions can be asked the next time the path to success is unclear. When goals are difficult to achieve, or when the results take a turn in the wrong direction, ask these questions.
With this being said, everyone, at one point or another, has run into similar situations when they didn’t know what to do next. This leads into being resourceful. Resourcefulness is often misinterpreted. Some believe it is a means of coping with a lack of, when it’s about utilizing with what you have to work with to get the job done.
For instance, when something is important to us, we’re all capable of exhibiting great creativity and persistence. Being resourceful should not be reserved only for the hard times, but to be practiced.
Become the person who finds the loopholes, who is scrappy and innovative.
When you practice resourcefulness, others will follow, raising the bar for the entire success of the business.
Being resourceful is a tremendous skill to have as a leader!

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